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Keeping a bird bath clean is essential to keep birds coming to visit it, otherwise it can become an unhealthy place for the birds to bathe.

A well used bird bath will soon get dirty. Some of the things which go towards making it dirty are:

  • Bird Droppings (poop)
  • Seeds, seed hulls or berries where the birds have been eating
  • Leaves and grass
  • General dust and dirt in the air
  • Algae
  • Bird feathers
  • Dead bugs

A Few Reasons for Keeping Your Birdbath Clean:
  • Preventing birds from catching diseases.
  • Helping them keep their feathers in good condition.
  • Providing them with fresh drinking water.
Tips to help keep your bird bath clean:
(You cannot prevent a bird bath from getting dirty, but you can do a few things which will mean it needs cleaning less often.)
  • When you top up the water, empty out any remaining water before you refill it.
  • Hose out or wipe down the bird bath every time you change the water.
  • When you place your bird bath, try to avoid placing it directly underneath trees or feeders. (or be prepared to clean more frequently).
  • A shady spot can help minimize algae growth, particularly during the summer.

Happy Birding!


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