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  • Red – Love, romance, and passion. The red rose also symbolizes beauty and perfection.
  • Pink – Sweetness, joy, and happiness. The pink rose also symbolizes affection and friendship.
  • Yellow – Cheerfulness, happiness, and warmth. The yellow rose also symbolizes joy and friendship.
  • White – Purity, innocence, and charm. The white rose also symbolizes new beginnings.
  • Orange – Energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. The orange rose also symbolizes passion within a relationship.
  • Lavender – Enthusiasm, enchantment, and eagerness. The lavender rose is a nice way of saying I love you and have high hopes for the relationship.
  • Salmon – Desire, passion, and romance. The salmon rose is a great way to tell someone that you want them.
  • Peach – Appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness.
  • Cream – Thoughtfulness and charm. The cream rose was also given as a thank you gesture.
  • Green – Life, growth, and energy. The green rose symbolizes rejuvenation of the spirit.

Just as the colors of roses have different meanings so too can the number of roses given at any one time.

  • Single – Devotion or a ‘thank you’ token.
  • Two – Marry me!
  • Six – Need to be cherished or loved.
  • Eleven – Deep and abiding love.
  • Thirteen – Secret admirer.


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