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What do the different colors mean?

Red Roses - Love, Respect, Courage, Passion.
White Roses - Purity, Innocence, Reverence, Worthiness.
Pink Roses - Happiness, Elegance, Romance, Admiration, Sweetness.
Light pink roses - Gentleness and Admiration.
Yellow Roses - Friendship, Caring, Welcome, Joy.
Orange Roses - Desire, Enthusiasm, Pride.
Coral Roses - Desire, Enthusiasm, Happiness.
Peach Roses - Appreciation, Sincerity, Gratitude, Modesty.
Purple or Lavender Roses - Love at first sight, Enchantment.
Yellow with Red Tips - Falling in Love with You.
Multi-colored- Combo of red and yellow roses conveys gaiety and happiness. Combo of red and white roses symbolizes unity. Combo of Orange and yellow means enthusiasm, desire and passionate thoughts. White and Coral mean you are heavenly and I desire you

What does the Different Count Mean?

1 rose: Engagement, Love at first sight, (or years later) - you are still the one.
2 roses: Mutual love, affection, gratitude.
3 roses: The traditional three-month anniversary gift.
6 roses: Infatuation.
9 roses: Eternal love.
10 roses: A perfect 10 - You are perfection.
12 roses: Be Mine.
13 roses: Secret Admirer.
15 roses: I'm sorry, remorse.
20 roses: Sincerity.
21 roses: Dedicated to you.
24 roses: I'm yours.
25 roses: Congratulations.
36 roses: Head over heels in love.
40 roses: My love for you is genuine. 50-plus roses: My love and my wallet knows no bounds!



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