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These winter garden ideas will help you keep growing through even the coldest months.

Buy New Houseplants
Growing houseplants is one way to keep your green thumb busy. Visit your local garden center and pick out something you’ve never heard of before, and give it a new home.

Plan Next Year’s Garden
Start planning your gardens for the coming growing season. Think about the new plant varieties you would like to grow.

Grow Annuals Indoors
If you didn’t bring your annuals indoors for winter, find a friend who did. Take a cutting from theirs and start some plants of your own.

Grow From Scraps
Have fun and try to grow kitchen scraps. This is winter gardening at its finest. Get an avocado pit to sprout some roots, plant carrot tops, or put a pineapple top in water. It’s exciting to see what happens.

Plant A Few Herbs
If you have a sunny window, experiment with winter herb gardening. There is nothing like cooking with fresh herbs anytime of year!

Grow Some Microgreens
Micro-greens are very popular. If you haven’t tried them, now is the time. These little sprouts pack a punch of nutrients.

Grow Your Own Indoor Salad Garden
One of the best parts of summer is fresh produce on the dinner table. Enjoy the taste of summer in the middle of the winter by growing Leaf lettuce, Arugula, Spinach, Kale and Watercress.

Decorate your Pots
Now’s a great time to dress up your indoor or outdoor pots to show off your personality.


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